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Young teens at the mercy of horny brutal men, who teach them how to serve a guy and fuck properly! Crude sex, ruthless anal penetration, brutal deepthroat fucking and fierce slaps all over their sore bodies! These russian guys even don't care, if tears are running down these beautiful girls' faces, the poor bitches have to obey and offer all holes submissively, no chance to escape, until the last drop of cum has been swallowed! And if they make only one mistake, only one command that they do not comply with immediately, they find themself tied on a punishment bench, for the whip beating them fiercely all over their body, with extra intensity straight between their legs, until their sore pussies burn like fire!

July 28th, 2016

Brutal Casings - Madelyn Monroe

Sexy, blonde, Cali-girl wannabe model Madelyn Monroe finds her way into Bruno's office and right on his casting couch for an audition she will not soon forget. Of course she's late, because she is a blonde from L.A., and Bruno is NOT happy about that. Then, she refuses to get undressed and show him her slamming, sun-kissed, left coast body and large, perky natural tits. Bad call, slut! Now you're fucked! Actually, fucked is putting it mildly. Master Bruno dominates this pretty girly into total submission with rough sex, showing no mercy, especially when spanking her ass and pussy until both are bright red and swollen. A humiliating deepthroat blowjob starts the party, and Madelyn's wrists are bound with rope. Bruno makes her call him "Sir" and "Master" and spits in her mouth. After he ties his necktie around her neck like a leash, he drags her around the room and makes her masturbate in front of him while he spanks her pussy until it puffs up like a pastry. Then he gags her with duct tape and proceeds to brutally fuck her in several positions before stuffing six fingers in her cunt and gaping her pussy while she takes it all like a champ or a pig. Then he finishes with a cum drizzling worthy of a Cinnabon training video on her face and tits. Awesomeness!

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Brutal Castings - Scarlett Jennings

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Dolly Leigh Whore-a The Explorer

Girls can be so mean, and pretty teen Dolly Leigh finds out just how mean they can be when her own girlfriends abandon her in the country after a day of exploring. Th good news for Dolly is that Bruno just happens to be driving around in the desolate wasteland of backwater Florida in his custom-creeper windowless van, and we know what that means... hardcore teen sex, outdoor bondage, other BDSM, rough sex, deepthroat blowjobs and whatever other deviance the master of dominating teen pussy dreams up. Dolly eagerly accepts Bruno's offer of a ride to safety, but she is going to have to pay for that ride somehow. After her wrists are tied, Bruno unleashes his thick trouser snake for gorgeous Dolly to deepthroat. Dolly has a slamming body with golden blonde hair and a lovely pair of all-natural tits. After she sucks him for a while, Bruno humiliates her further by fingerblasting Dolly's beautiful, milky white, bald, wet pussy. Then he slaps the shit out of her swollen snapper and stuffs his cock in it and pounds her out doggie, missionary and finishes her reverse cowgirl style. Dolly has numerous orgasm, and she has a face that looks like a blow-up fuck doll, so that when she cums, her mouth forms a perfect 'O'. You don't want to miss that!

Cristi Ann may be a little too cute and sweet for the sexual brutalization she's going to receive at the hands of Master Bruno in a dirty back alley under the highway. It's one thing to be ravaged in the privacy of one's own home, but it's quite another to have it done publicly outdoors in front of anyone passing by. At 23, Cristi says she has never had rough sex before, but she's lost in a strange town with no car and even less options, so she has to do whatever it takes to get home. Spanking, slapping, being spit on, and ordered to give a deepthroat blowjob that makes her choke are just the warm up domination for the main event of BDSM humiliation, and her transformation into becoming Master Bruno's sex slave. She offers Bruno her ample tits and he viciously slaps and gropes them. Next, he fingerfucks her hard and gives her several orgasms. She loves it, so he ties her hands, duct tapes her mouth and throws her on top of a garbage can and brutally pounds her fuckholes from behind. He finishes up by making a gooey creampie deep in her cunt which he makes her dig out with her fingers and eat. Not so sweet and cute anymore, huh?

Lydia Black Sexual Disgrace

If there was ever a sex slave in the dungeon who needed an attitude adjustment it's dirty Lydia Black. Not because she's tattooed, pierced and gauged all over, and not because she wears heavy black bondage make-up and shaves the sides of her head, but Lydia needs extra brutal training because of the gleeful grin and twinkle in her eye she has when Master Bruno slaps her around at the beginning of this scorching hot session.

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Gang in Russian School Part 2

A hapless student Lada Krivko couldnt even suppose what her perverted college teacher and her lustful friends prepared for her. Her young slim body will be tightly bound, pussy and anal hole hardly penetrated in common with such an indecent things ...

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When Elena comes to see the police chief in an effort to get her husband released from jail, she thought she'd have to bribe him with money. She had no idea that this guy actually got off on being a Dom! In order to win her husband's freedom, Elena ...

Story of Nurse, Part 1

Victor is the owner of the best S&M club in the city and he is waiting for some distinguished guests to arrive. He always provides his customers with the best service, but this time he wants to treat his guests with something really special. ...

Wife of People's Enemy Part 2

Now that the flogging, whipping and spanking part of Elena's punishment is complete, it's time for her eager Dom to get a piece of her yummy twat. Elena is bent over a table so that her Master can penetrate her from behind and go deep. He drills into ...

College Games Part 1

Perky blonde college bitch Vlada thinks she's hot shit. She likes to tease the guys at school, and it's starting to frustrate people, especially fellow students George and Ury. When Ury can take no more of her games, he calls her over to his place so ...

Friend's Treachery Part 1

Cute Russian girl Nastya thinks that Irina is her best friend and always listens to her advices, but we know that female friendship is a tricky thing. Irina wants to introduce Nastya to her old friend Sergey and she has her own interest for this date ...

College Games Part 2

Still not ready to forgive tiny blonde Vlada for how dirty she's been at college, Ury and George have a few more punishments to give her. The sadistic duo continue their BDSM session by stretching Vlada's ass and mouth. A huge anal toy takes care of ...

Nurturing of Young Nun in Russia part 1

Lidia is a hot schoolgirl who has been on a wild streak lately. Her father has just been called because she was molesting a girl in class, and when he goes home to confront her, he finds her with a dildo shoved up her cunt. He gives his naughty ...

Humiliation of a female student

The storyline of this movie leaves us with a few questions, but we really can forgive everything when see this stunning brunette with tight ass and beautiful perky tits naked. She is a student and she is guilty. A powerful dominant bandit catches her ...

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